Take a look at just some of the features of the Delfis Invoicing System

  • Easy and fast invoicing

    User friendly interface helps you issue professional looking invoice or estimate in less than 30 seconds, and sends it, by e-mail, directly to your client.

  • Invoice branding

    Stand out from the crowd by sending beautifully designed and professionally looking invoices with your company logo.

  • Multilingual and multi currency

    Send invoices in any of 7 currently supported languages, or in any of 155 currencies. 

  • Reports

    Every manager's dream come true. Generate reports on invoices, bills, payments, VAT credit or client Account statement, and export them in PDF, XLS(X) or CSV file format.

  • Track time, expenses and mileage

    Track a time you spent on some project, a travel expenses for reaching a distant client, or any other material expenses, and create an invoice from them with just a few click. 

  • Team management

    Decide the level of access of yours employees and/or team members by granting them different roles and permissions.

  • Recurring invoices

    You have some repeating invoices or bills, that have to be issued once a week, or twice a month? Create recurring profiles in Delfis, and let it do it for you.

  • Multiple businesses

    If you have more than one company, you can manage the finances of all of them using a single Delfis account. Doing accounting for multiple companies? No problem - when they invite you in their team, you can access them with just one Delfis account.

  • Invoice status tracking

    Thanks to a detailed overview of all invoices, bills and estimates you can see which invoices are due, which bills are unpaid or which estimates are accepted or expired. 

Issue an invoice in just steps!


Issue date

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Due date

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Insert recipient name

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Insert article name. You can choose from price list, or input a new one

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Insert quantity

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Insert unit price

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Issue your invoice

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