Delfis is starting beta testing

We are pleased to inform you that after several months of development, our electronic invoicing system – Delfis, has finally entered the beta testing phase. Our partners and companies that have expressed a desire to participate in this phase, will be given access to the application with all the unlocked functionalities. The goal of this phase is to detect and eliminate all user and functional deficiencies, before making the system available for commercial use. Also, our intention is to make the system as user-friendly as possible, so we will ask users to submit their suggestions, needs and ideas for further development of the system.

The beta testing phase is a logical continuation of the system development process, after Delfis successfully demonstrated in technical, safety and load tests, where the characteristics of the system were checked in extreme conditions or conditions of high attendance.

After the completion of the beta testing phase in real conditions, work will be done on eliminating all detected shortcomings, as well as the implementation of additional functionalities, after which the system will be ready for wide use.

Your Delfis team