Delfis and data security

Data security is one of the most important pillars on which a quality and reliable system for working with financial documentation rests. No one wants his invoices to be lost, mysteriously deleted or an unauthorized person to gain insight into them. For all these reasons, we at Delfis have approached this problem very cautiously, taking care to ensure maximum security, without affecting the usability of the app.

We have provided our clients with a special system of customer management and permission control, so that the owners of companies can decide to whom and to what extent they want to grant access rights to sensitive financial data. In addition, the owners of the company, who are also administrators, can monitor all the activities of their employees through the Logs page, where all records of activities within the company are kept. That way you will always know who, what and when created, deleted or modified any financial document.

All data stored on the server is automatically encrypted, thus protecting it from prying eyes or unauthorized access. This way you can always be sure that only you, and the people you gave permission have access to your documents. Since a large part of the exchange of documents through the Delfis system is done via email, we were obliged to protect this type of communication as well, by encrypting all emails sent through our application.

All data on our servers is stored in parallel on multiple media, and we also make daily backups of all data stored on our data server and store them in separate locations, so that documents can never be lost.

By combining all these services and activities, we have created a safe environment for our customers, and with further development we will try to justify your trust.

Sincerely, Your Delfis team.