Delfis available to everyone from today

As of September 1, 2020, the Delfis system for electronic invoicing is finally available to everyone, since the closed beta testing phase has ended. In this final phase of the project, we corrected the shortcomings pointed out to us by our users, but also added new functionalities that they expressed the need for. Some of the functionalities that have been added:

  • Possibility to add previous debt to the invoice;
  • Converting multiple bills into an invoice;
  • Converting multiple bills into a quotation;
  • Duplicating bills/invoices/quotes;
  • Converting bill into a quote;
  • Converting invoice into quotation;

And as the most important novelty, we single out the possibility of marking individual items, when creating an invoice or when adding that item / service to the price list, which will be excluded from the calculation of VAT credits. In this way, correct reporting is enabled. The Delfis team will continue to add new functionalities in the coming period, as well as translate the application into additional languages. We invite you to follow us on social networks, to be up to date with all the news in our offer. Best regards from the Delfis team.