Bills Panel Walk-through

Bills Panel Walk-through #

In the bills Section From Top to Bottom:

You can access the bills section from the side menu on the left of your dashboard by selecting the “bill” menu icon.

1. Bill Section : Header #

In the Bill Section Header you can perform 3 actions:

      • Bill Tab (selected by default), will list all the bills you have created with dedicated status, name, partner and other values.
      • Recurring bill Tab, will list all the created plans for the recurring bills.
      • “Add New” button in the Top right corner, will provide you with options to created a new bill or created a new recurring bill plan.
      • “Options” button in the top right corner, will provide mass functions such as “Mark as paid” (status change), “Mark as cancelled” (status change), Delete, or mass export to PDF selected invoices. (This button will appear only after checking the checkbox on the left of invoices – first column in the data table)

2. Bill Section : Filters  #

In the Bill Section Filters is divided into 2 sections:

      • Standard filters (by default)
        • Main search field provide you with the ability to filter your bills by the partner’s name, Invoice No, partner PIN, Purchase order number.
        • The “Additional Filters” button extend the filter’s section to more advanced filter options.
        • The “Reset” button will reset all input filter parameters.
      • Advance filters section
        • “Bill Items” field provide you with option to filter bills with a item name.
        • “Amount Range” field provide you with option to filter bills with a amount range.
        • “Date Range” field provide you with option to filter bills with a date range.
        • “Status” field provide you with option to filter bills with a status name.

3. Bill Section : Bills  #

The main Bill Section is a data table divided by multiples columns:

From Top to Bottom

      • Columns headers provide ability to order ascending or descending the data(s) in the selected column.
      • Main data table section list all the bills created with information such as name, description, partner’s name, issued date, status, total amount, a checkbox for mass functions & a button to delete selected bill.
      • Each bill can be open by clicking on the bill number.
      • The pagination provide ability to choose number of bills will be display on the page and select the desired page.


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