Users Management – Admin Panel

Users Management – Admin Panel Walk-through #

In the Users Management – Admin Panel Section:

You can access the admin section from the side menu on the left of your dashboard by selecting the “Admin” menu icon.

1.  Admin: Inviting a user into your company #

      1. To invite a new user into you company, click on the button “Add New User” in the top right corner.
      2. In the new dialogue window, insert the email of the new user to invite, and click the button “Send”.

2.  Admin: Current users in the company #

In the “Current users in the company” section are listed all current users in your company. To obtain more information about a selected user, click the button “Information” on the right of the user information.

3. Admin: Invitations

 All invitations sent will be listed here with current status. You can cancel an invitation by clicking the button “Revoke”.

4. Admin: Information & Permissions #

This section is divided into 2 part:

      • User information

Name, surname and e-mail of the user previously selected will be displayed here, (to select user, click on the “Information” button in section “Current users in the company”).

      • Permissions management list

To activate a permission for selected user, you need to select the checkbox of the selected permission.

        • Read Invoice : User can only read invoices.
        • Modify Invoice : User can read, edit and create invoices.
        • Read Bill : User can Only read bills.
        • Modify Bill :User can read, edit and create bills.
        • Read Quote :User can Only read quotes.
        • Modify Quote : User can read, edit and create quotes.
        • Modify Team : User can modify company settings.
        • Modify Roles : User can modify users roles/permissions.
        • Generate reports : User has access to Reports page.
        • Read Activity : User has access to the Logs page.


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