Manage Invoice payments

Manage Invoice payments #

Step 1: Select invoice whose payments you wish to manage #

      1. Go in the invoices section from the side menu on the left of your dashboard.
      2. In the invoices section, all created invoices will be listed, find the invoice you wish to manage payment and preview it by clicking on it.
      3. In the top right corner click on the button “Actions” and select “Add Payments” or “Manage Payments”.

Step 2: Add Payment #

      1. If you have clicked on “Manage Payments” a new window will appear providing you with a list of all your payments.
      2. Click on the button “Add Payment” to open a new window.
      3. Enter the desired values for your payment like date, type, amount, and note about the related payment, then click the button “Add”.
      4. The newly added payment will be displayed in the payments window. Afterwards, you can leave the invoice page or keep editing it.

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