Partners Management Walk-through

Partners Management Panel Walk-through #

In the Partners Section From Top to Bottom:

You can access the partners section from the side menu on the left of your dashboard by selecting the “partners” menu icon.

1. Partners Section : Add a partner #

      1. In the Partners Section Header you can add a partner by click the “Add partner” button on the top right side.
      2. In the new windows, fill all the data available to add your partner.
      3. You can add custom fields, custom field are composed of 2 fields (left and right) (ex: Contacted : John Doe).
      4. Once you are done, click the button “Add partner” to save.

2. Partners Section : Filters  #

 Partners Section Filters provide you with a range of filters :

      • The “Person/Company” filter partners by Person/Company.
      • The “Partner name” filter partners by Partner name.
      • The “City” filter partners by city.
      • The “Country” filter partners by country.
      • The “Reset” button will reset all input filter parameters.

3. Partners Section : Partners #

In the main partners Section is a data table divided by multiples columns:

From Top to Bottom

      • Column headers provide ability to order data in ascending or descending order by the data in the selected column.
      • Main data table section lists all partners created with data such as partner type, e-mail, partner’s name, address, city, country, a button to edit or delete selected partners.
      • Each partner can be opened by clicking on the button to edit.
      • The pagination provides ability to choose number of partners which will be displayed on the page and select the desired page.


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